Week 2012

HCIA’s parliamentary breakfast – hearing awareness week 2012

HCIA was proud to be a sponsor of Hearing Awareness Week 2012. Hearing Awareness Week is a vital part of the ongoing effort by the industry to raise the profile of issues faced by people affected by Hearing Loss.

This year, HCIA hosted a breakfast in Parliament House which was attended by the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, The Honorable Mark Butler MP, and Senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells and a number of other Members and Senators. Our Chairman, John Papparlado, made a presentation as did Professor Harvey Dillon, Director of Research at the National Acoustic Laboratories.

HCIA is calling on government to help lessen the employment and social impacts of hearing impairment by uncoupling access to heairng services and the pension age. Our view is that if, we as a country, are interested in productivity, social inclusion and social fairness, then there is nothing fair about Australians who are of working age being unable to access hearing technology – especially given we provide this already to the young and the elderly. This could be means tested or otherwise staged in its introduction if government thought the cost was too great.

As part of Hearing Awareness Week, HCIA has published a new Brochure updating members and others about work the HCIA has done over the past few months.