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HCIA is proud to be a founding member of the Hearing Health Sector Alliance which formed in August 2019.

The Alliance brings together for the first time consumer groups, health professional bodies, industry associations and research organisations.

HCIA’s Chairman, Ashley Wilson AM, said, “HCIA members take pride in how they provide client care to thousands of hearing impaired Australians each year. But there is more to be done to ensure those in need gain access to information, hearing health technology and rehabilitation services vital to their ability to communicate effectively with their families, community, and be productive workers.

HCIA has long been an active contributor to hearing policy development such as the Hearing Health Roadmap and Parliamentary inquiries. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate to represent the hearing sector to Government and improve outcomes for Australians affected by hearing loss and other debilitating ear conditions.”

Rates of hearing loss are expected to double from 3.6 million people to 7.8 million people over the next four decades, causing the costs relating to managing hearing loss to rise.

The Alliance will advocate for better access to education, treatment services and the latest hearing technology, as well as research to help improve the life of all Australians affected by hearing loss. Its priorities are:

  • A national prevention and awareness communications strategy
  • Enhancing hearing health for older Australians, especially those in aged care
  • Greater support for vulnerable Australians to access affordable hearing healthcare
  • A national database to support national reporting
  • Enhancing research to inform the development of public policy.

You can find out about the Alliance’s members at