Managing Director Starkey Hearing Technologies, Australia and New Zealand.

Dawn is a highly experienced Audiologist, professional leader and coach. Dawn has established a career in Audiology alongside management and leadership over the past 20 years.

Dawn is truly passionate about helping clients to get the best out of what they want, whether it’s to hear well again, or to improve their overall wellbeing.
Dawn has an in depth knowledge and have practised in all areas of Audiology including working extensively in the following areas: Diagnostics, tinnitus rehabilitation, Paediatric Audiology and Adult Rehabilitation, including vestibular assessment and rehabilitation.

Growing high performing management teams and achieving outstanding results have been successful milestones in Dawn’s career.

Dawn is looking forward to welcoming the next era of Hearing Devices, to really observe their impact in the delivery of outstanding client outcomes across Australia.

Alongside her passion for helping the population hear better and live better, Dawn also spends time studying the impacts of leadership across international businesses.