8 February 2019

Hearing businesses are well regulated

“HCIA members operate professional hearing health care clinics across Australia and are subject to substantial regulations relating to the devices they provide, the way in which they are prescribed, the health professionals they employ and the services they deliver. Australian consumer law is part of the industry’s regulatory framework to which all members must comply,” said HCIA Chairman, Mr Ashley Wilson.

“HCIA members take pride in how they provide client care which is reflected in a complaint rate of less than one per cent, one of the lowest of any health-related service provision from the many thousands of hearing aid consultations performed each year1. We employ health professionals to ensure our clients are assessed and fitted by accredited specialists, we provide a 30-60 day cooling off period so our clients can ensure they are satisfied with the device, our warranties can last up to three years and we provide ongoing care,” he said.

HCIA encourages all consumers to refer to the Australian Government’s guidance on purchasing hearing aids to ensure that they are aware of all aspects of this health care service.

“Australians’ confidence and trust in the hearing health industry is paramount. HCIA continues to work closely with the hearing care sector to maintain public confidence and to support industry-wide understanding of consumer law,” Mr Wilson said. “I would like to encourage commentators to help promote existing consumer protections and explore the motivations of some who seek to undermine public confidence in our industry,” he said.

About HCIA: The Hearing Care Industry Association represents private providers of hearing devices and services for hundreds of thousands of hearing impaired Australians nationally. HCIA’s members help clients make informed choices about their hearing and provide them with excellent care. HCIA’s vision is to serve the Australian community by facilitating the delivery of world-class hearing healthcare to all Australians. HCIA has at the core of its mission to help all Australians who are suffering from hearing loss achieve a better quality of life.

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