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How to build relationships with Government

Getting access to the right people in Government, the people who can make change happen, can be difficult. So when you do find an opportunity to speak to these very busy people, being cabinet Ministers and Senators, make sure that you

"Know what you want. It is very frustrating for a Minister to have people come in without a specific objective and ask ... and it must be realistic.  Understand what is realistic. Understand the process. And understand the political psyche... Just because something is a problem in 6 states and 2 territories, does not mean it's a Commonwealth problem."
Michael Wooldridge.

Download the guide for How To Engage With Government and review your current advocacy strategy against the recommendations Michael provides here. By following Michael's advice, we hope to make Hearing Loss a national health priority.

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"Politicians want to do the right thing, but they have a lot of pressures on them. If you understand how the process works, you can help them get the information they need to do the right thing."
Michael Wooldridge