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Creating an online community of hearing loss advocates

At the HCIA Forum, Shanelle Newton Clapham showed us the power of Social Media and how it can mobilise a community of online advocates to demand change for hearing health care. She made it very clear that being present, or even active in the social media space isn't enough; we need to be actively connecting to our audience.

"The real power of Social Media is in the opportunity presented by friends of fans. By providing your community with great quality content that enriches their lives, they will want to share with their friends."
Shanelle Newton Clapham

To learn more about how your organisation can start to build an educated community of hearing loss advocates download Shanelle's 10 Tips to Social Media Success and start gathering research, videos, images and articles for your content library now. By following Shanelle's advice, we can make Hearing Loss a national health priority

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"Hearing loss is serious, but every message and communication doesn't have to be. Fun and humour enables us to engage with consumers and build an ongoing relationship through low stakes, passive participation."
Shanelle Newton Clapham